Napoleon Hill - 10 Rules of Self Discipline - My Notes
Self Discipline 1. Keep cool while others go hot--ignore/agree--”Yep”/report license plate to 911. I.e One man does all the talking and the other man does all the listening--3minutes worth, eventually they run out of wind and are speechless. (The man was just a little bit hot wasn’t he) -- If someone is off-balance, don’t allow them to throw you off ballance and stoop to their level. Maybe you get in a few kind/logical words at the end i.e Well we can do that, however it may turn out worse... Rise above wat they say or do and be-come the bigger of the two persons. 2. Three sides to all arguments. You, them and the right side--usually in the middle of the two. Both parties are usually partly to blame--accept responsibility for your percentage n’ make it right. 3. Don’t give directives to a subordinate when you are angry. If the matter is Urgent, Cool-off quickly. 4. Treat all people like you would treat yourself -- as if they were rich relative of whom u wer expecting to be remembered in their will--millionaire relatives inherit something at their death. Keep quiet for 1Million$’s--Easy Peasy Price2Pay. 5. Look for that seed of an equivalent benefit in every unpleasant circumstance which you are in now, right where you stand, don’t wait--lessen the blow/the wound. 6. Learn to Ask questions and then listen to the answer (How do you know?) … Don’t tell the other fella off-temptation is great but don’t do it, be bigger than that. If ur unsure about what they’re saying… Ask this QUESTION: “How do you know JAMEY?”.. Then wait for an answer. Belief and faith is one thing, having evidence is another thing, how do you know know wat’s going to happen? Do they give you a satisfactory answer? Just because they’re off-balance doesn’t mean you gotta get mad at what they say/do. 7. Never say or do anything before thinking if it will influence--Will it benefit him or hurt him? If it will hurt him, don’t do it -- under any circumstances -- don’t matter if he deserves it. If u hurt another, it comes back 10x’s at least. And if it don’t come right away it’ll compound and 100x’s. Everything you do to or for another = you do to or for yourself, IT IS LAW. Violate any law and see what happens!--No matter wat ur belief. Wat u send out -- boomerangs back to you -- goes round cums round. 8. Friendly analysis , NOT unfriendly criticism. How do you tell? Relationship w/the other person--friend or foe. Tone of voice. Manner in which he does it. If they use expletives, ur not going to be influenced by them! 9. Remember that a good leader is one that can take orders as cheerfully as he gives them. 10. Tolerance in Human relations is just as important as the toleration in the Operation of Mechanics.