The War Of Art Summary
The War of Art Resistance - overcome this and the battle is half won. Show up, at the office, in the field, put ur time in & call it a day. Time block--call 10 sellers/day. Follow ur dreams, ur calling, as if you only had little time left to live. Your inner being will guide you if you listen. Master fear, be courageous. Do today’s doing. Harness the urge for trouble n’ transform it into your work. Pursue, work toward the worthwhile goal, don’t take the easy way out to get attention. Look at the long term goal, to improve life, not the other way around. Are you depressed, do you have anxiety, do you want drama? Why drink? Be aware of self-sabotage & can also be others trying to sabotage us for similar reasons. Marketing has brainwashed us since birth, instead of applying self-knowledge, self-discipline, delayed gratification and hard work, we simply consume a product. The victim compels others to come to his rescue or to behave as he wishes by holding them hostage to the prospect of his own further illness/meltdown/mental dissolution, or simply by threatening to make their lives so miserable that they do what he wants. But is it love? If we’re the supporting partner, shouldn’t we face our own failure to pursue our unlived life, rather than hitchhike on our spouse’s coattails? Shouldn’t we step out from the glow of our loved one’s adoration and instead encourage him to let his own light shine? I was so unhappy not going ahead. I was developing symptoms. As soon as I sat down and began, I was okay. The truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. While those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death. The professional tackles the project that will make him stretch. He takes on the assignment that will bear him into uncharted waters, compel him to explore unconscious parts of himself. Chase ur vision. Take command of your life, it’s your right. Take action on your dreams messages to you. You may share w/others if intent is to help them. Rationalization prevents us from feeling shame of not doing our work & shame may drive us to act in the face of fear. Our wife may really be in her eighth month of pregnancy; she may in truth need us at home. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Other people have done more, so so can you. Got to get to work on time--Do what’s important, not necessarily what's urgent. Schedule everything, your chores, family time, then say ur prayer & hed out on the hunt. Bring home the bacon. Believe in the best, w/some isolation, rejection, self-doubt, despair, ridicule, contempt, and humiliation. All is fair in love & war, take the good w/the bad. Pro’s Show up everyday & do YOUR duty, come hell or high water. Show up on time or put in the time. Committed for the long haul. We may change course, or sometimes even vehicles, but we reach our goals, financial, physical, etc. The stakes are real/high, safety/legal/survival/joyous, feeding/educating our families. We work for money & enjoy the fruits of our labor. We take pride in our work, we are creators of the outcome. We receive praise or blame & learn from it & have sense of humor about it. All part of being in the game, not on the sidelines. Pros are: Patience, delayed gratification. Conserve ur energy. Prepare for the long-haul. When you drive for dollars, eventually you will get a deal. Massive action=massive results. Organization, clear your desk by the end of every day. Pros know once in action, fear disappears. They accept no excuses. Fear of rejection to paralyze us and prevent us, if not from doing our work, then from exposing it to public evaluation. Pros don’t take rejection/humiliation/criticism personally, to do so would reinforce resistance, the internal foe. Assess yourself truthfully & objectively. If you fell short, improve it. If you triumph, make it better. Work harder/smarter, you’ll be back tom. Humiliation, like rejection and criticism, is the external reflection of internal Resistance. The Pro’s core is bulletproof. Nothing can touch it unless he lets it. It’s better to be out in the marina being stomped by a bull than up in the stands. Vent w/a look & then recompose & return to the task at hand. Short of family crisis or WWIII, pro shows up. Critics or any other thought, emotion from the outside cannot affect us unless we allow it in. Realize every envy-driven criticism and take it for what it is: the supreme compliment. The critic hates most that which he would have done himself if he had had the guts. A: Business (LLC) meeting with myself every Sunday. I sit down and go over my assignments. Then I type it up. I have bus. stationery and business cards and bus. checkbook. I write off bus. expenses and pay taxes. I have different credit cards for myself and my bus. Kelly might think he is too mildly mannered to go out and sell. But as Sold4uHouses LLC, I can pimp the hell out of myself. I’m not me anymore, I’m Me, Llc. I’m a Pro. A CRITTER THAT KEEPS COMING Pros focus on work & it’s demands while we are doing it, to the exclusion of all else. Be a hunter, track them down and keep cumn at’em. There is no stopping, get the goal. pray to bring yourself, your friends, and your city the fullest measure of affection and glory and advantage. We are the salty old gunny, we have the power to take charge of our lives (believe it). Our dreams, visions & meditations are as real as the earth itself. Goto grandkids graduation & love wife. Passion for music. Violin? The Ego produces Resistance and attacks the awakening artist/musician/innovator/worker. We experience Resistance as fear. Fear of success of becoming our true selves. THE SUPREME VIRTUE Focus on your work & it’s demands. Appreciate every breath you take, every evolution of every cell of your being sustained by & glory be to the Spirit. Every creation, bar of music, vision, stroke of genius, our universe, field of infinite potential, the Muse. Think of all the people you can help